DataLocker is an innovative provider of encryption solutions. The company was founded in 2007 and has offices in the U.S. (headquarters), U.K., and Korea.

Secure By Design

DataLocker products secure sensitive data using military-grade 256-bit encryption. With a wide range of products, DataLocker offers both hardware based external storage and software based cloud storage encryption options. Hardware based products do not require software or drivers to manage, encrypt or decrypt data.

Compliance Driven

DataLocker technology makes it simple to ensure compliance with some of the strictest governmental regulations. Most DataLocker products are FIPS 140-2 validated, issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). FIPS validated DataLocker products are a cost-effective way to comply with HIPAA, SOX, DHS Initiatives, NRC, GLB and any other directive that requires data encryption.

Proven Protection

DataLocker is trusted by governments, military and enterprises around the world. Other industries, including legal, financial and healthcare, use DataLocker products to secure, store, and transfer confidential data. To request a sample contact

DataLocker products combine superior convenience and usability with state of the art security. DataLocker is “Simply Secure.”

DataLocker offers a range of products to satisfy your encrypted storage needs. All of our products feature industry standard 256-bit AES encryption - nothing less.

Encrypted Storage Devices

In an environment where many people are turning to USB external storage devices because of growing file sizes and larger amounts of data, protecting lost or stolen devices – and the information stored in them – is no longer a luxury.Every individual and workforce is unique and requires a different combination of security, features, performance and price. DataLocker’s line of secure encrypted drives are designed to meet the diverse needs of people and organizations around the world.

What we’re known for…

DL3 FE FIPS Validated USB 3.0 Encrypted External Hard Drive
DL3 USB 3.0 Encrypted External Hard Drive
Sentry FIPS FIPS Validated Encrypted USB Flash Drive
Sentry 3.0 SuperSpeed Encrypted USB Flash Drive
Enterprise FIPS Validated Encrypted External Hard Drive